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SINK N' SPIN®  In Sink Dishwashing System SINK N' SPIN®  In Sink Dishwashing System
SINK N' SPIN® In Sink Dishwashing System $14.99 $39.99
Keep Dishes Clean & Not In The Sink with SINK N' SPIN®. This handy kitchen cleaning attachment powerfully suctions inside your kitchen sink and makes it hard to leave a mess behind. Easy Clean Multi-Density Bristle Technology eliminates tough food stains and cleans messes even you can't see! The same technology used in high speed restaurant style cup cleaners - now perfected for your entire after meal mess! It's the fastest and easiest way to get your dishes done in less than half the time. The Cutlery Cleaning Slot makes cleaning silverware a snap. Finally, you can safely clean knives with sharp edges! SINK N' SPIN® helps keep your kitchen clean so you can spend more time doing things you love and less time working. The included Perfect Fit Handle for Multi-Surface Cleaning make this handy tool pack all the power you need to tackle even big messes! No matter what dish is dirty, SINK N' SPIN® makes the clean up easy.  Dishes Are Round. Why Isn't Your Brush? ⚡️ Clean in 1/2 the Time! 🚫 PREVENT PILE UPS! 💦 SAVE Up To 10X WATER!  ✅   Fits in ANY SINK (USA Standard) Twice (2X) AS FAST as a sponge!* 😯 Clean Dishes. Clean Hands. Clearer Minds. WHY CUSTOMERS LOVE SINK N' SPIN® Less Fighting Over Dirty Dishes More Time Spent Enjoying Food Easy Single Hand Operation Saving Water & Money on Utility Bills Perfect for Messy Kids No More "Half Clean" Crusty Dishes No Waiting For the Dishwasher to Run No More Dry, Cracked Hands Less Risk of Cutting Fingers Clean Dishes & Cookware When You Need Them Not Burning or Wasting Food Cleaner Countertop Tastier Meals Less Time Bending Over the Sink Healthier Home & Kitchen Cleaning Habits Multiple Cleaning Angles & Zones on Multiple Surfaces Strong Suction and Easy to Clean Easier, Faster & Long Lasting Saving Money and Time No Rebuying and Replacing Every Week Less Back Pain & Stiffness "Sponges hold bacteria and cause disease!" -NRP.org SINK N' SPIN® Fights Pile Ups and Bacteria Growth Now with SOAP RESERVOIR & DISPENSER THANK YOU for Supporting USA Owned & Operated Business
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